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LTCC Re-Brand

Case Study Brief:

Lonsdale Logo Redesign


The primary objective of the Lonsdale Logo Redesign was to refine and modernize the existing logo while maintaining the core design, with a specific focus on updating the Flax element.


Concept Development:

  • Exploration of design concepts for the Flax element to achieve a modern and visually appealing effect.

  • Adjustments made to fonts, colors, shapes, styles, and placement within the logo to enhance overall aesthetics.

Design Presentation:

  • Presentation of refined logo concepts to the Lonsdale team for review and feedback.

  • Provision of multiple options, allowing the team to select the most fitting design for their brand identity.

  • Open dialogue and opportunity for the team to suggest changes or modifications based on their preferences.

Additional Collateral:

  • Approval and implementation of the chosen logo concept.

  • Development of essential collateral to ensure consistent brand representation across various platforms.

  • Creation of a digital/electronic letterhead for versatile use in both email and print-on-demand scenarios.

  • Design of a PowerPoint (PPT) template for cohesive brand communication.

  • Development of Zoom/Teams backgrounds to enhance virtual presence.

  • Provision of logos in multiple formats suitable for both digital and print applications.

  • Production of a reverse logo for specific use cases.

  • Compilation of a comprehensive brand style guide to maintain consistency across teams and various formats, including signage and in-house collateral.


The Lonsdale Logo Redesign successfully achieved the objective of refining and modernizing the brand image while preserving its core identity. The collaborative process ensured that the final design not only met the visual expectations but also aligned seamlessly with the brand's values and objectives.


  • Consistency: The brand style guide guarantees consistent usage of the logo across all teams and platforms.

  • Versatility: The provision of logos in various formats allows for seamless integration into both digital and print mediums.

  • Enhanced Brand Communication: The additional collateral, including a letterhead, PowerPoint template, and virtual backgrounds, contributes to a cohesive and professional brand presentation.

This case study showcases the successful collaboration and iterative design process that led to a refreshed and cohesive brand identity for Lonsdale, ensuring its representation across a multitude of formats and applications.

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